Brandval, Hedmark, Norway


Latitude: 60.317414100, Longitude: 12.014581100


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arnesdatter, Anne  1811Brandval, Hedmark, Norway I51
2 Dahl, Carl  1 May 1878Brandval, Hedmark, Norway I59
3 Dahl, Charles M  11 Nov 1851Brandval, Hedmark, Norway I56
4 Dahl, Einar C  22 Aug 1873Brandval, Hedmark, Norway I61
5 Dahl, Marius C  16 Jan 1876Brandval, Hedmark, Norway I130
6 Dahl, Mary  12 Nov 1882Brandval, Hedmark, Norway I62
7 Dahl, Matilda  19 Jan 1872Brandval, Hedmark, Norway I27
8 Einarsdatter, Eli  1 May 1840Brandval, Hedmark, Norway I58
9 Eriksdatter, Karen  1815Brandval, Hedmark, Norway I532
10 Halvorsen, Eberhardt  2 Jun 1868Brandval, Hedmark, Norway I244
11 Kolsrud, Lars Olsen  1845Brandval, Hedmark, Norway I95
12 Martinsen, Adrine  1846Brandval, Hedmark, Norway I531
13 Martinsen, Martin  1854Brandval, Hedmark, Norway I529
14 Martinsen, Theodor  1856Brandval, Hedmark, Norway I530
15 Olsdatter, Marte  12 Dec 1816Brandval, Hedmark, Norway I82
16 Olsen, Karl Gustav  1861Brandval, Hedmark, Norway I534
17 Olsen, Ole  1855Brandval, Hedmark, Norway I533
18 Olsen, Syver  1800Brandval, Hedmark, Norway I50
19 Severson, Anna Sophia (Annetta, Annie)  1 Dec 1873Brandval, Hedmark, Norway I42
20 Severson, Ernest O. (Arne)  10 Sep 1875Brandval, Hedmark, Norway I43
21 Severson, Ole  15 Nov 1877Brandval, Hedmark, Norway I44
22 Syversen, Martin  1855Brandval, Hedmark, Norway I528
23 Syversen, Søren  4 Jun 1848Brandval, Hedmark, Norway I24


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Einarsdatter, Eli  5 Jul 1883Brandval, Hedmark, Norway I58
2 Einersen [Ramsoen], Einer  1888Brandval, Hedmark, Norway I245


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Eriksdatter, Karen  1865Brandval, Hedmark, Norway I532
2 Martinsen, Adrine  1865Brandval, Hedmark, Norway I531
3 Martinsen, Martin  1865Brandval, Hedmark, Norway I529
4 Martinsen, Theodor  1865Brandval, Hedmark, Norway I530
5 Olsdatter, Marte  1865Brandval, Hedmark, Norway I82
6 Olsen, Karl Gustav  1865Brandval, Hedmark, Norway I534
7 Olsen, Ole  1865Brandval, Hedmark, Norway I533
8 Pedersen, Martin  1865Brandval, Hedmark, Norway I81


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dahl / Einarsdatter  27 Dec 1871Brandval, Hedmark, Norway F24
2 Syversen / Arnesdatter  28 Jun 1874Brandval, Hedmark, Norway F18