Another Swedish relative reached out to give me additional family history information recently. For privacy’s sake, I will refer to him as Jeremy. He lives deep in the forests of Västra Götaland County where virtually all the Thorin family history has taken place. His connection to the family precedes the Thorin surname though, connecting to an ancestor of Margaretha Gabrielsdotter who was born in the 1600s.

Jeremy wrote to tell me about a grandson of Johannes Josefsson Thorin (the first Thorin and my 3rd-great grandfather) named Gustav Olof Thorin who apparently was known as just Olof Thorin.

According to Jeremy, Olof was born to Mårten Gustaf Thorin, one of Johannes’ sons who did not emigrate to America, and his wife Olga Julia Thanner (Jeremy also informs me that “Thanner” was not her original maiden name but that of her step-father; originally she was Olausdotter). Somehow there’s confusion whether Olof died in 1987 or 2004, but non-vital record publications insist on the latter—even Wikipedia! For you see, Olof became famous. Quoting Jeremy:

“Olof was a Swedish mathematican working on analysis and probability, who introduced the Riesz–Thorin theorem. If you don’t believe me, please look at They have the publication “The life and work of Olof Thorin (1912-2004).” You can find it on more places, just Google “The life and work of Olof Thorin (1912-2004)”! So, there we have a noble person in the family tree!”

That is pretty cool! The Thorin name lives on in mathematic circles for the accomplishments of one of our own: Olof Thorin.

Thanks to “Jeremy” for the information!

The first page of the publication, The life and work of Olof Thorin, features a picture of Olof. He has strong features like his father!

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