Thorin Family History


This site is dedicated to the descendants of Johannes Josefsson Thorin, both in Sweden and in America.

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Surname Index

A list of the surnames that can be found in the Thorin family tree.

Family Tree

Pedigrees and info pages for the many people who live in this family tree.


Pictures of individuals, families, documents, gravestones, churches, etc.

Latest Featured Persons
Dorothy Mae Thorin

Dorothy was born on the 12th of April, 1929, in the tri-state area of northwest Iowa, southwest Minnesota, and southeast… Read More

Emma Olina Thorin

Emma Olina Thorin was the 7th child of Joseph Arvid Thorin and his wife Mathilda Dahl. She was born on Monday, the… Read More

Einar “Shorty” Olaf Thorin

Einar Olaf Thorin was born on the 14th of September, 1913 in Hills, Rock county, Minnesota. He was the ninth… Read More