Arnold Sidney Thorin posing for a self portrait while in Korea during the war.

Arnold Sidney Thorin was born on the 8th of December, 1926, in Lyon county, Iowa to Johan Lennart Thorin and Mabel Amanda Severson. He spent his whole life living in rural Minnesota helping his father and brother on the farm and eventually gaining employment in Luverne, Minnesota as a skilled metal worker. Those skills would later translate into a passion for beautiful woodwork.

During World War Two, Arnold was fascinated with all things military related. A photo taken in Luverne, Minnesota, during World War Two featured in the book The War by Ken Burns even features a picture of Arnold buying war bonds with his siblings. In the 1950s, Arnold joined the military and participated in the Korean War. The experience was in some ways difficult for Arnold, and it was believed that he had destroyed his pictures from the war, though many actually remain (click the link to view the pictures).

Arnold married after the war on the 23rd of August, 1953. His wife, June Martinsen, was the secretary for the Hills-Beaver Creek High School. Arnold enjoyed fishing and spending time with his family in Hills, Minnesota and the surrounding area. He survived his spouse by 26 years before he passed away in on the 30th of December, 2012. He is survived by two sisters and a brother.

Arnold Sidney Thorin school photo c. 1932.
Arnold Sidney Thorin school photo c. 1932.

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